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PHCC Motorsports has it all. It’s a one-stop-shop for anyone seeking an in-depth education in performance racing engines and chassis fabrication and development.

Students learn the basics in addition to machining, welding, engineering, how to operate data acquisition system and software to design different parts critical to a race car. Graduates from PHCC Motorsports have become professional racecar drivers or moved onto employment for NASCAR, HT Motorsports, Arrington Manufacturing, Roush Racing, Toyota, Harvick Racing and many other local companies and fabrication shops.




Motorsports Technology at Patrick Henry Community College is the place to go for a full-service, hands-on education in high-performance racing engines and chassis fabrication.

PHCC Motorsports students work with state-of-the-art equipment and technology including a Serdi Cylinder head valve seat and guide cutting machine, Mittler Pull Down Rig, 3HP Rohrig Shock Dyno and much more.

At Patrick Henry Community College, students get to build the racecars and they get the experience of seeing how they do on the race circuit.

The Patriots Race Team includes Bruce Anderson, who drives the No. 73 PHCC Late Model car, and motorsports students who built it from the ground up serving as his pit crew.

Butch Hamlet, a Ridgeway, Va. resident who retired from Late Model Stock Car racing a few years ago, worked with students to transform his Late Model car into one worthy of winning road races.

Hamlet called the Motorsports program “a first-class, professional operation,” in a Martinsville Bulletin article dated April 26, 2012.

Students frequently travel to South Boston Speedway in South Boston, Va. and the Virginia International Raceway (VIR) in Alton, Va. to see those cars in action.

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PHCC Motorsports got its start after Arrington Manufacturing donated a 2,000 square foot engine building facility at Patriot Centre. After PHCC established the engine-building program in 2000, the chassis fabrication program followed and PHCC Motorsports graduated its first students in 2002.