Denver Smith

PHCC Motorsports Faculty - Denver Smith

Smith had an interest in racing from around 4 to 5 years old. He grew up with his father racing open-wheel modified cars at a track in Stafford Springs, Conn. When he lived in Connecticut, he raced everything from miniature snowmobiles to four-wheelers and midgets.

After moving to Virginia, Smith raced radio-controlled cars on a professional level for around 10 years and won many national titles before moving to go-kart racing. Throughout his 15 years racing go-karts, he’s won three national titles.

He now manufactures anywhere from 30-50 go-karts a year at his home-based 10,000 square-foot race shop. Smith received his engineering degree from Patrick Henry Community College and began his teaching career at PHCC Motorsports after he graduated.


Racing – in his words:

“The adrenaline rush is the biggest thing, and not only running well, but winning – there’s nothing like it.”


The program:

“We’re great instructors. We basically live, eat and sleep this whole program. We’re here on the weekends, we’re here late at night, and we’re here early in the morning. When we go on the track, we’re not there for five hours, we’re there for 20 hours. If PHCC Motorsports keeps building the way it is, we’ll be one of the best programs any student can attend.”

Denver Smith
Fabrication Technician
(276) 638-8777 Ext. 0464


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