Cutting Edge Technology

January 10, 2014



PHCC Motorsports Technology students work with cutting-edge technologies including a Serdi Cylinder head valve seat and guide cutting machine, Mittler Pull Down Rig, Romer Arm by Hexagon Metrology and a complete line of HAAS machinery.

  • The Mittler Pull Down Rig is an all-around chassis evaluation apparatus used to prepare your car at the shop.
  • The Serdi Cylinder head valve seat and guide-cutting machine with automatic centering is used by leading race engine builders in the world. High precision machine with technologically advanced technical solutions, conceived to work seats and valve guides of all kinds of cylinder motor heads.
  • Complete line of HAAS – CNC mills and lathes are designed to meet the needs of modern machine shops, now and long into the future. Our Haas VF4 machine shows the benchmark for quality.
  • 3HP Rohrig Shock Dyno is the upgrade of the ultimate entry-level shock dyno. It is completely computer controlled and offers many of the features of our 5VS dynamometer. The three horsepower motor is capable of generating up to 2,000 pounds of peak force at 10 inches per second. The 3HP is equipped with the same ROEHRIG SHOCK™ Test Control and Damper Analysis software used by all NASCAR Nextel Cup teams and major shock manufacturers. ROEHRIG SHOCK™ enables you to perform static and dynamic gas tests, temperature or time based damper warm-up, and both CVP and PVP style tests. Completely portable, the 3HP is well suited for use at the track or test sessions, where quickly building and testing a damper is of primary importance to a race team engineer or crew chief.
  • The SuperFlow Flowbench (industry standard) is the world’s most popular for professional engine builders. Students use it to test cylinder heads, carburetors, intake manifolds, throttle bodies, and mufflers.
  • The Sunnen valve grinder comes from Sunnen Products Company, which is the leader in precision honing equipment for both the industrial and engine building market. Sunnen has a system for virtually any bore sizing application that demands the highest standards and stringent tolerances.
  • The Romer Arm by Hexagon Metrology measures cars and components to the thousandth of an inch and creates a 3D model image.


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